Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rebel Forces Outlast Army in Urban Firefight

Rebel fighters loyal to the People Fighting Fiercely Faction Transcendent (PFFFT) outlasted government troops in a firefight on the outskirts of the village of Kipushi. The rebel forces moved quickly into town, seizing several key buildings and fortifying them. Although they were shelled repeatedly by heavily-armed government soldiers, the rebels clung fiercely to their gains, forcing the army to withdraw.

"We killed dozens of the bastards, but they did not seem to care if they lived or died," complained Col. Tomas Graveau. "How can you defeat people who don't know whey they've been beaten?" Graveau vowed to defend the main part of the village, and drive off any further attacks by PFFFT.

A spokesmen for the rebels said that his faction has much support in the area, and will soon seize Kipushi proper. "Our fighters are willing to lay down their lives for their freedom. Only when this corrupt and puppet regime of the West has fallen will the people of Kammebalango truly be free. Until that day comes, PFFFT will fight fiercely for all our country's people."

The spokesmen acknowledged that his troops suffered heavy losses from government mortar and cannon fire. However, he claimed the prestige of defeating the government in battle has led to a vast increase the number of recruits arriving at their camps.

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