Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PAUN seizes Kananga; UN convoy massacred in North

We had four players show up for the second meeting of the campaign. This meant that Joel's JuJu Tribe fought its first battle, while Tom's PAUN rebel movement got in its second. Both players rolled up facing a government force. The JuJu's would battle a government battle for control of a UN armored personnal carrier (transporting SAM missiles) in the "SAM is my name" scenario. PAUN would struggle for control of the urban center of the large village of Kananga with defending government soldiers. The other participants in the campaign played the part of the government troops.

Joel chose to not open fire on the UN troops guarding the disabled APC, while his government opponent blasted away at it almost immediately. The UN troops knocked out a technical mounting a HMG, damaged the government APC, and killed a few soldiers, before succumbing to superior firepower. The JuJu's instead dug in as close as possible to the vehicle and ended up outlasting the soldiers in a firefight. Joel won the scenario, but lost more troops, so his faction's flag marker advanced one space towards the capital.

In Kananga, the PAUN forces advanced rapidly to seize as many of the village center's buildings as possible. His opponent, Allen, had laid out a beautiful urban battlefield, and the two sides used its cover as best as possible. Allen's die rolling was abysmal, and once again Tom's PAUN triumphed over a better-armed adversary. The government soldiers were routed from the village center. Tom, for winning the scenario and destroying twice as many troops as he lost, had his faction flag marker move 3 spaces towards the capital. This earned him the campaign's first Covert Aid card, which he can use in later turns to assist his faction.

Keith, despite hosting the evening's gaming, was feeling under the weather (Kammebalango mosquitos are rife with malaria...), so his H.O.G.G. faction "passed," and he remains atop the Player Order chart. The order of play for the next meeting is H.O.G.G., Matanga Unification Front, PFFFT, JuJu's and PAUN.