Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rules Change for Flag Movement

After watching the progress of the first three turns, I decided to adjust the movement of players' flag markers towards the capital slightly. Since guerrillas often gained influence historically even though they lost encounters with government forces, I've eliminated any retrograde movement. All battles result in players advancing towards the capital. Successful ones lead to a bigger advance, of course.
With this adjustment, most players moved forward a couple spots. It should also make the campaign flow more quickly, as a faction can advance as many as 5 spots or as few as 1. Our next meeting should be in mid-July.

The map below shows where each faction is at on its advance towards the capital. Counting "space 1" as the one just outside the borders of the country, here is where each is:
PAUN - space 8
Matanga - space 7
PFFT - space 6
JuJus - space 5
HOGG - space 0 (no battles fought, yet)