Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3rd Campaign Meeting sees 3 battles

After a four-month layoff, we finally were able to reconvene and continue the campaign this past weekend. As we had six of us present, we got in three battles. This taxed my amount of 20mm troops, as it turned out, and actually ran me out of buildings. Looks like I need to acquire some more stuff! Here were the three battles:

- Zeke's Matangan Unification Front faced a force of local tribal militia (controlled by me) in the "Cattle Rustlers" scenario.
- Allen's PFFFT fought a government force (controlled by Tom) in a "City Fight" scenario.
- Joel's JuJu Tribe squabbled over humanitarian aid in the "That's My USAid!" scenario against an elite, Western-trained force (controlled by Steve V).

The following three entries give battle reports for each of the engagements. The end results were Zeke's marker moved 2 spaces forward towards the capital, Allen's advanced one, and Joel's fell back one. Here is a summary of how far each faction has advanced:

PAUN (Tom) - Spot #8 on path
Matangan Unification Front (Zeke) - Spot #5 on path
PFFFT (Allen) - Spot #4 on path
JuJu's (Joel) - Spot #2 on path
H.O.G.G. (Keith) - Spot #2 on path

Hopefully I will post some pictures in the next day or so...

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