Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Next date set!

The next meeting of the modern Africa campaign, Path to Power, will be Sunday, Jan. 10. Rumors have it that the JuJu Tribe and H.O.G.G. are planning on staging strikes against government or rival forces with the coming of the new year. If things get really hectic (enough players show), we could see the Matanga Unification Front on the field, as well...

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The party organ of the JuJu Tribe, the confusingly named “Kammebalango Kryer” (spelled one letter differently from the capital’s daily newspaper) has made some provocative claims of late. Some excerpts:

Nov. 24, 1969
“...President Ukele has problems. He has health problems from fallen arches & flat feet to venereal disease. President Ukele has succession problems. His son, Urkle, Minister of Defense, is not able to fill his father’s orthopedic shoes. The country of Kammebalango has inflation rate of 101.1% AND the main exports, salt water & monkey dung, has gotten no where in international markets. In short it is expected that President Ukele will fall early next year...”

Nov. 25, 1969
“...Ukhan, half brother of Ukulele (Minister of Culture), was seen fleeing into the jungle, The Mighty Jungle. It seem that Ukhan was responsible for setting up sham organizations like the Matangan United Popular Party Evangelical Triumvirate, Biafra Organized & Armed Resistance, and Popular Front of Warm Fuzzies to defraud tens of people of their life savings. Total take is estimated to be $57.22 U.S. Chief of Police, Ustop, half brother of Urkle (Minister of Defense), said “Once he is in the jungle, especially The Mighty Jungle, then the law of the jungle is now responsible. My jurisdiction stops in Kinshasha”...